We Help Mineral Owners

Have you received an offer to buy or lease your oil and gas? Are you about to get pooled and need to decide which lease option to take? Do you want a better idea of your future royalty income?

We are here to help.

We offer independent, third-party, oil and gas evaluations.

Leasing or selling your oil and gas rights can result in some of the most important decisions a mineral owner ever makes. We can tell you the fair market value of your minerals and help you get a fair deal. Our services are fast and affordable. If you sold your house, you would want an independent appraiser to tell you the value of your home. We provide a similar analysis for oil and gas properties.

We do not buy or lease minerals. We simply give landowners the knowledge they need to make good decisions.

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Who We Are

We are a small group of oil and gas professionals that saw an opportunity to help regular land owners. All of us have extensive experience working for American oil and gas companies either as landmen, geologists, or reservoir engineers. Are skills include lease analysis, production forecasting, geologic analysis, and mineral economics. We have helped countless landowners with the difficult decisions involving their oil and gas.

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